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How to create an Ombre in just 2 easy steps.

How to create an Ombre in just 2 easy steps.

Ombre lips is a style in which two or more shades are worn on the lips to create a gradient effect. There are many ways to wear an Ombre but the most mainstream is the application of a darker shade around the edges, fading to light in the middle. That's what we call the Classic Ombre Lip. 

It’s like a technique where you contour your lips; it makes them look really plump, full and fabulous. Here are 2 most popular & wearable Ombre style. Once you master these two, you can practically create any ombre style of your own with your favourite combination.

ClassicOmbre Lips.

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Step 1

Use the darker lip colour or a liner to paint around the edge of your lips as you would normally. Add more of this dark colour lip liner to the corner of your lips bringing this dark colour in towards the middle, but do not colour all of your lips with this shade.
( Try Enchantress, BohemianSoul , Audacious )

Step 2

Apply a lighter shade of your lip colour to the middle of your lips that do not have the darker lip liner on them. Press your lips together once or twice but do not smear the colours together by rubbing your lips side to side or back and forth. If there’s any harsh lines between the two shades, blend the lines gently with your fingers to create a soft gradient.
(Try Nearly Nude, Grace , Rendezvous)


Reverse Ombre Lips 

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Once you learn the simple steps of creating the Classic Ombre, the reverse Ombre Lips is basically reversing the shades that are used to line the lips and fill the center of the lips. Instead of starting with the darker shade to line the edges of the lips, the darker shades is used on the center of the lips and slowly transitioning to a lighter shade towards the edge of the lips. This gives a very subtle sexy pout on the wearer.

Here's a video tutorial that we created to show you how easy it is to create an Ombre Lips in less than a minute. 

 Enjoy this fabulous look and don't forget to share with your friends.



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