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10 Most Asked Question

10 Most Asked Question

Hello! Thanks for visiting our website and for your support.

Welcome to my world of beauty where we are committed to deliver amazing makeup products without breaking the bank. I started Lip & Co. with the mission to produce and develop makeup products that are innovative, modern and whenever possible, incorporating loving natural ingredients into the products.

Now who doesn’t love a combination of color + skincare?

Did we mention that our line is cruelty-free and vegetarian-friendly?

I’ve selected 10 frequently asked questions about the brand that I think is worth sharing. Here it goes;

1.What inspired you to come up with the name Lip & Co?

- I have always found it amazing how, with just a swipe of colour onto the lips, a huge difference to a person’s appearance is made. Just like a magic wand, it adds warmth to a person’s face and tells a subtle story about how the wearer is feeling in that moment of time. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner in the makeup world, it all really starts with the lips when it comes to playing and experimenting with colours.

2.Will you be launching other product categories as well?

- Absolutely yes. Besides working on gorgeous lip colours, we are also working on products that are fuss free that will complement that gorgeous shade of lipstick that you are wearing. With your support, we hope to include other makeup categories including skin care.

3.Who is your target market?

- We really would like to appeal to the masses regardless of age, gender or skin tone. We aim to provide all make up users an enjoyable experience with our products by ensuring that our developed products are edited to be as universal as possible and fool-proof.

4.Do you test your products on animals?

- Our products are manufactured with the highest standards and adhere to strict Cosmetic Directives. We are strictly against any form of animal testing and are proud to be part ocruelty-freey free movement! The only test we do would be on ourselves and our makeup loving team!

5.Where are your products made and where is your facility?

Our products are manufactured by facilities that have met the highest standard in cosmetic manufacturing and regularly audited by Internationally recognized regulatory parties. Besides GMP certification, our facilities are certified with ISO 9001:2008 , SA8000:2014 & ISO 22716. 

Our manufacturing facilities are located in the United States of America, Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia and are manufacturing for some of the world’s popular cosmetic brands.

6.Where do you source for your raw ingredients?

All our ingredients are ethically sourced around the world and we strictly use only approved food and cosmetics grade raw materials.

7.Are your products free from animal derived sourced?

-We do not use any raw ingredients derived from animal source and we are 100% vegetarian friendly.

8.Do you work with Influencers and brand ambassadors?

-We welcome all eligible social media Influencers. Fill in your information here and submit your application.  Get discovered by using the hashtag #lipandco and you might even receive a surprise from us!

9.Do you have advice / product recommendations for new make up users ?

-Lipsticks! Lipsticks! Lipsticks! It's truly so amazing how the appearance brightens us with a swipe of color. It's easy to use and there's so many colours to use and play around with. So I would recommend you to try our versatile range of lipsticks and shades that are absolutely gorgeous.

10.Do you have any tutorial videos of your products?

-Yes we most definitely do. We provide informative product tutorials on our different product and how best to use them. We would also encourage our customers to post videos of how they use our product using the hash tag #lipandco.

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