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By Kelvin Kean

“ You do not encourage the goodness in others by asking them to change and be good, but to find the goodness in them and allowing it to emerge. “

Since April is the World Stress Awareness Month, let us all play apart is making this a priority. By doing a self-care checklist and also if possible extending some care for each other starting to the closest to you.


Kelvin Kean

This means we’ve strengthened our core values. To remain PURPOSEFUL. To look into making connections with customers. To be the brand that resonates with those who have felt overlooked by an entire industry because they “didn’t fit”. But to us, EVERYONE fits. People with jobs, families, hobbies, passions, and extremely full lives who deserve to have a way to express themselves on their own terms. Not the overwhelming, exclusive, high-expectation norms of this industry.
Like How Rumi poeticly said, “The wound is the light enters” . Through my own struggles & others... It was my inner strength that kept me going as I shouldered the company alone for 14 months, trying to find deeper purpose. I was literally left broken but sought for ways to continue to try different things but what I didn’t realise was that I have made a wound so deep, I almost didn’t recover from it. Honestly I was lost & I do feel sorry for the people that I had approach for what I believed was my last campaign evolving on kindness & empathy where I was lifeless at that time. I have almost been an optimist and each time life throws me down.... I would dust myself up and continued my walk. This time, It was different.I 

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