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“ The wound is where light enters “- Rumi

“ The wound is where light enters “- Rumi

It was truly both scary and liberating to allow a total deconstruction of my myself, my brand and business. Most of the time, I would tremble in fear, sorrow and anxiety as I looked at what had happen just 18 months ago. I decided to do this to allow space for inspiration to arrive before I make my decision. I had to truly dig deep in me on what was my purpose again.

How would i benefit the society?

Was i able to be of purpose still when to the majority, I was seen somewhat chipped with my personal battles.

You see, I didn’t have perfect days as I recall the struggles to find my strength through pain. Fighting the battles that I could hardly speak about & to truly meet myself halfway and see what i was made of which almost took my life. I have witness the trauma that also took the lives of many that wasn’t able to find a way back. I do not know if I would make any impact at all but what i understood was, in order to be purposeful to at least a single person, i had to make myself an example for the people that are hurting or dealing with things most people wont understand . I know that, in this I found true beauty.

Like How Rumi poeticly said, “The wound is the light enters” . Through my own struggles & others... It was my inner strength that kept me going as I shouldered the company alone for 14 months, trying to find deeper purpose. I was literally left broken but sought for ways to continue to try different things but what I didn’t realise was that I have made a wound so deep, I almost didn’t recover from it. Honestly I was lost & I do feel sorry for the people that I had approach for what I believed was my last campaign evolving on kindness & empathy where I was lifeless at that time. I have almost been an optimist and each time life throws me down.... I would dust myself up and continued my walk. This time, It was different.

Today as I write this after pulling out as much courage as I can, I want you to know that I am just like you. Someone that is imperfect. Someone ordinary..., and to some, ignored or outcast for not fitting to a mould.

Before making my attempt to blog and share a teaser on what my postcast would be speaking about..... I just want you to know that we are more than just a beauty brand. We are more than just a product.  Like all of us, we have many dimensions that create the unique beauty we are today. I would describe the main alchemy for all my creations would be hope, love, passion, beauty, kindness, empathy, humanity and so much more...... Which I hope to share with you. I cannot and do not know how to “be” anything else but me and I know you SHOULD honor that too. CEO, President, Founder.... The labels doesn't matter to me.... It is the strive and passion that was the only reason for me to hang on.

Now as I rebuild the core of the company and double down on our purpose.... We are going through an evolution. To be grounded in need. To build a great Team with a shared vision. To exist purposefully through a brand that consciously creates for the community as a collective. ...... And to *cough *cough be sustainable. 

I know times are not as vibrant but trust yourself a little, pause if you need to and know it is ok to be lost. Reach out for help like I did..... Through that, you will survive and in that, you will find your sanctuary.

To be in your #caim

I love you all so dearly and I can’t wait to share more.

Yours Truly,

Kelvin “Kean” Tan 

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