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This MAGICAL cute pink hairy ball !

Hey Lovelies, this space is really new and I'll definitely try to share as much as I can that's content worthy. Do pardon me if there's any grammatical errors :) I was struggling to put together my first content because I truly want to share something content worthy.

I'm going to speak to you about one of my favourite ingredient and trust me, I'm very particular with the ingredients that I put into my products. For me, every formulation must be stable, cruelty-free and most importantly, clinically proven. I have spent hours and hours of discussion over the years with reputable R & D and chemists and gone through months/years of stability testing with various formulation so through their knowledge & my imagination..... we were able to create the products for our brand. For those of you that are enthusiastic of creating your own line, I'll probably share another post on that. Ehem~ If anyone is interested :) 

Over the years of hiding behind the curtains ..... I've worked with a lot of International Brands directly as well as being part of a projects in developing new brands and products. I have worked with the best chemist, manufacturers in the world that develop products for brands like Anastasia Beverly HillsTarte Cosmetics as well as launched by own brand with the largest subscription box companies like Glossybox by The Hut Group & Bellabox to name a few.  Besides that, I've helped launched brands like Elemental HerbologyAmenity Men's Skincare & PTR  during their initial stages in S.E.A. Hmmm... come to think of it, some celebrity brands as well which i'm not allowed to disclose due to strict NDAs..... :( Sigh.........

So back to this magical furry creature named, Corallina Officinalis , a unique species of Red Algae.Not only that it's beautiful but packed with amazing healing potential given the right extraction process. Nevertheless, I need to stress that we strive to procure raw Ingredients that are harvested ethically.

So allow me to share with you the wonders of this amazing product!
and Guess what?
This ingredient is used in the most luxurious products such as Madonna's MDNA The Eye Mask  & La Mer's The Brilliance Brightening Essence to name a few.

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Now, Let me tell you why I choose this ingredient in my care line. Well I have to mention that there are many grades of this raw material & we pick the from best source.

Through advance method of extraction of Corallina Officinalis & a strict respect to the biodynamic principles, we were able to obtain the optimum high-energetic actives, including various hormones, flavonoids, and peptides, such as phytostimulines which can stimulate the cell metabolism. Without going deeper into jargons, allow me to highlight the 3 key components that made me sell my car to buy this raw material!!!! Mine you...... They do come with a price tag and to keep it affordable, we had to buy a certain MOQ. 

1. The Enzyme
The Enzyme derived from the extraction is clinically proven to demonstrate reparative abilities to the skin.
Antibacterial Stimulation : It awakens the phagocytosis of white blood cells
Cellular Detox :Accelerates the skin’s natural desquamation process and decomposes the epidermis waste and the lipid peroxide.
Anti-inflammation: Various enzymes from the extract stimulate the white blood cells and accelerates healing when cellular damage occurs.
Cell rejuvenating:it stimulates the cell metabolism and the synthesization of collagen.

2. Epidermal Growth Factor
The potency of the Phyto EGF derived from the UNIQUE extraction is validated through in-vitro testing and has shown the ability to increase the cell oxygen consumption by 71 % & improves the storage of energy of the cells. Most importantly, it is also clinically proven to be safe and non-toxic for the skin. 

In our clinical trials, it has proven to smoothen the texture of the skin, increase hydration as well as improve fine-lines and wrinkles.

3. Trace Elements 

Trace elements are catalysts for enzymatic reaction in our chemistry. There are various enzymatic reactions happening in skin, especially those related with tissue regeneration and metabolism, such as syntheses and catabolism of collagen, elastin, or glucan-like chondroitin-4-sulfate. Trace elements are responsible for catalysing such reactions.

  • Copperplays an important role in the formation of the color of skin and hair. It is the catalyst for various enzymes reacting in our skin, such as the oxidation of Vitamin C and the anti-aging reaction of SOD. Besides, copper is also an important element helping the syntheses of collagen and elastin, and it also has the effects of anti-oxidant and anti-aging.
  • Manganesecan improve connective tissue condition, increase skin microcirculation, and has anti-aging as well as anti-oxidant
  • Magnesiumstimulates protein synthesis and facilitates energy production. It helps the skin retain moisture and nourishments, cell rejuvenation, and vitamin B
  • Ironis a very important element in protoplasm, plays an essential role in oxygen circulation and cell
  • Calciumplays an important role in cell protection, regulates cell membrane

Whew! Isn't that long. Well thank god you finished reading it as I truly want to share with you one of my favourite ingredients that you will be seeing frequently.

In different dosage, formulations & combinations with other ingredients can create an amazing range of products especially reparative ones. *HINT*

Last but not least.... This ingredient is introduced into the Amazing Lip Lustre which you can purchase now at .
Hope this isn't too long.... if it is, do let me know how i can improve & let me know what else you would like to know. 

Yous Truly,

Kelvin Kean


Kelvin Tan

Kelvin Tan