Until we meet again.

Hello ! First and foremost, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to all of our clients, partners & allies . It is with a heavy heart that I would like to announce that our online store will cease operations on the 31st March 2023.
 It took a heavy heart for me to share this announcement however it is a  necessary decision for myselfto allow some space to regroup .
Nevertheless,for every ending, there will always be a new beginning.
A new chapter for us to rewrite a better story,enriched with lessons and inspiration .
As part of my initiative to reinvigorate & restructure the brand, which is an extension of myself, I would love to stay connected with all of you, once I’ve decide on thesuitable platform 😬 .
Now, I will be able to finallyshare my journey with you with hopes to inspire you in finding your strength, beauty and todiscover your own personal power…… to offer a safe space to share & exchange experiences that embrace personal healing, the power of Inclusivity, equality, diversity and a shared human experience. That I believe is true beauty.

We understand that this might be disappointing for our loyal customers, but allow me to assure you that this decision was not made lightly.I remain committed to our ethos and purpose and in divine timing, I hope to offer something that would connect your heart to your soul.

The past 4 years wasn’t easy for me but it has definitely enriched me with lessons as I evolve in my next chapter.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as I navigate through this transition.
I refuse to say Good Bye, but rather ...until we meet again.
My deepest love and gratitude,


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