Lip Lustre - Luxe Lip Treatment

  • Most Loved UNIVERSAL Lip Treatment Balm by Celebrities .

    Lip Lustre is a must-have Lip Treatment Balm that goes beyond just moisturising. This amazing 4-in-1 Lip Treatment glides effortlessly on your lips as it nourishes, repairs, brightens, and enhances the natural color of your lips all day long. This universal balm is enhanced with the perfect dose of “Mood Pigment Tech. ” that reacts to the unique chemistry of your own lips, leaving them radiant as if revived from within with your unique natural flush of custom color.

    The Lip Lustre is enriched with antioxidants and powered with 7 amazing botanical extracts from Red Algae, Neem Leaf, Holy Basil, Moringa Seed, Tumeric & China Berry Leaf.

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