The Caim Barrière Élixir Omni-Potent Facial Elixir

  • Omni-Potent Facial Elixir
    Elixir De Visage Omnipotent
    30ml / 1FL oz

    Barrière Élixir is an all-encompassing Elixir that embraces hydration at the cellular level. Formulated to draw in the potent actives to fortify the Skin’s Barrier, this extraordinary Elixir harnesses the hidden energetics from the botanical kingdom from the depths of sea and on land to primarily energise the cellular barrier in order for the skin to start healing . This Elixir elevates the skin’s defences against environmental stressors, pollution, smoke & damages to the skin.

    As an Omni-Potent Elixir, the multi-molecular actives works on a multiple level to attract, bind, and prevent moisture loss. The formulation also brightens, promotes healing, rejuvenation, reduces inflammation and irritation and soothes the skin.

    With daily use, your “CAIM” becomes stronger & resilient*, more stable and visibly soothed. Barrière Élixir improves the skin matrix and acts as a super-hydrator, improving skin health and reducing the formation of wrinkles caused by dehydration. It’s also the perfect travel companion after exposure to the sun and the elements to diminish signs of irritation.

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